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Windows 8.1 Tip: How to fix the Font Display Blurry on Wide Screen Resolution

Before writing this post, let me explain to you how I learned about this issue:

Back in the time I downloaded Windows 8.1 Pro (having a Windows 8 Pro Edition) from the Windows Store. It comes free of charge and went relatively well. I was glad with the change even thought I observed that my fonts were bigger than before the update, which actually looked better… up until I open Chrome!
Opening Chrome, the fonts were really blurry and it made me wonder if my update made an issue. That is when I decided to google and bing on the issue. I found out that, if you have a wide screen resolution, you might need to update the properties of your applications.

To solve the Windows 8.1 Font Display Blurry issue, please use the below explanation: On any application where you encountered the issue

  1. Go to the executable (or its shortcut), right click and select Properties 
  2. Once on the Properties of the application, go to the Compatibility tab and select in the Settings group the 3rd option named Disable display scaling on High DPI settings

There is another way to fix the problem by going through the Screen Resolution  control panel settings where you can force a certain size for all your fonts (meaning it will affect all the applications)

If you have a french edition of Windows 8.1, you can follow the screenshot below: Windows 8.1 (French) Font Display Blurry Fix on Steam application Properties

Personally my computer have a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 and I got the issue so far on Chrome, Skype and Steam.

Hope it helps and enjoy your fonts in a normal size :)

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